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Embroidering with Dimensional Foam

I love working with puff foam! It is such a fun way to add an interesting texture, look, and feel to elevate your design. Embellish® offers this Dimensional Embroidery Foam in two sizes: 2mm and 6mm. For this project, I am going to show you a sample using 2mm puff foam.

To make the sample, fuse the fabric with Embellish®'s Fusible Bold Tearaway. We used the Mandala Tango fabric from Hope Yoder's line with Blank Quilting Corp. Find the fabric here. I love this fabric because it's super quirky and fun and provides a nice relief from all those drab, boring fabrics out there. Your mother would probably not use this fabric, and that's a good thing!😉

After you've got the fabric and tearaway in the hoop, you're going to lay the foam down and begin stitching over it. We used Embellish® Matte Thread for this design. This is the fun part! I love watching the machine when it's doing its thing over the foam! Once the embroidering is complete, take the hoop off the mac…

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