DIY Embroidered Catnip Toy

Guess what? I'm back with another cat toy! I've seen these cute toys called 'catnip kickers' that are essentially long toys stuffed with catnip that a cat can bunny kick. This week, I wanted to make one for my cat!

I embroidered this cute little cartoon design from Hope's Therapy Packs CD. This embroidery design has some circles around it when I put it on my sewing machine because it's digitized for a small ice pack. Easy fix! I opened the design in Embellish® Maker Software and simply deleted the parts I wasn't going to stitch out. It took one minute! After that, I saved my design again and transferred it back to my embroidery machine.

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Before I started embroidering, I prepped my fabric into two 4.5" x 7" rectangles and fused the front piece with Embellish® Foolproof Repositionable Webbing. Now, let's get embroidering! I used two teals and two mustard colors of Embellish® Matte Thread. These are the colors I used:

EMT 3032
EMT 3033
EMT 5011
EMT 5012

This toy is an easy one to make! Once you're done embroidering, lay your two rectangles right sides together and stitch around the perimeter. Make sure to leave about a 2" gap along the side so you will have room to add stuffing. Don't forget to add catnip to your toy when you are stuffing it! You can also add some bells for sound or some crinkly plastic or craft paper. Don't forget to remove the Embellish® Clear Rinse Away Topper when you are done! I used the Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool to help get the topper off quick. Of course, you can always dab at the topper with a wet cloth, but I wanted to save some time. 

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