How to Embroider on a Dish Towel

I have been itching to make something for my apartment - thus the kitchen towel makes its entrance. We have a ton of basic kitchen towels laying around, and they're not super cute. This week, I am going to show you how to embroider on a kitchen towel!!

If you saw my video or read my blog post last week, I unboxed some new products from Embellish® (like the appliqué scissors and thread pictured above.) I was super excited to use some new thread colors this week! The mustard yellow Matte Thread is from Embellish®'s Limited Edition 15 year Anniversary Encore Matte Thread Set. Mustard is one of my favorite colors, and it pairs so well with this teal thread. I'm also using my Embellish® Appliqué Scissors to help with this project.

According to my Embellish® Stabilizer Workbook, Embellish® Fusible Dissolvable Tearaway is the best stabilizer to use when you are embroidering on a kitchen towel. I decided to use this cute arrow embroidery design from the Towel of the Month Embroidery CD Collection by Hope Yoder. I love how simple and cute this design is! These designs were made to use with monograms.

I used the built in alphabet on my machine to stitch out an 'H' in the middle of this arrow design. If you want to customize your monogram further, you can always use Embellish Maker software to do that.

Click here to download the trail version of Embellish® Maker!

I fused the back of my dish towel with my stabilizer using a low setting. It took less than ten minutes to stitch out the arrows and my monogram on my machine! This is such an easy and fun project that anyone can do, even a beginner embroiderer like myself.

Make sure you check out my video below!

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Hope Yoder said…
I love that you did a monogram! And the H could stand for me so you can ship it my way. Great job and I love the color combo.

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