How to use Embellish® Sticky Printable Template

Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying inside and safe this week.

Admit all the chaos, I am back with another video this week on the Sticky Printable Template from Embellish® This week, Hope Yoder will be joining us and showing us a pillow she made with her Camping Silhouettes Embroidery Collection.

If you watched the Facebook Live on Embellish's Facebook, you saw how Hope and Jillian used the Sticky Printable Template to help align the designs on the quilt she made with the Animal Art Collage Quilt Pattern + Embroidery CD. Hope also goes into detail about the pillow that we are going to look at in this week's blog. She used her long arm quilting machine to quilt abstract triangles that look like mountains on the pillow around the Camping Silhouette designs.

Camping Silhouettes

Before quilting, piece the whole pillow together so you can see the layout and know where to embroider. Before quilting starts, print out the template with all four of your designs. After hooping, stick the template on top of the fabric and use your machine's features to align the design to your template. The great thing about using this template is that it is repositionable. You can move it around as much as you want to make sure it is centered right where you want it.

Some machines have an option where you can scan your embroidery hoop. If your machine has an option like this, use it to align the sticky printable template. This way you will know that your design is centered. After your design is aligned, remove the template and start embroidering. Don't forget to use a topper! Hope used Embellish® Rinse-Away Clear Topper.

If you do not have a machine that can scan your hoop or use stickers to center, etc. here's how you can cheat the system! Center the design on your machine as best you can and then stitch the basting box out and stop. Take the design off the hoop and look at it to see if it's centered. Adjust accordingly to your machine if it is not centered. If it's not centered on your first try, take the Embellish® Seam Ripper and rip the stitches out on the wrong side. On the right side, pull the loose threads. Repeat this process until the box is centered. If the basting box is centered, you know your design will be centered.

In case you were wondering, this fabric is Hope Yoder's Roses N Arrows fabric line from Blank Quilting Corporation. I love how it matches with these adorable new Appliqué Scissors from Embellish®! Once your design is centered and embroidered, you can quilt your pillow to finish it off. Here Hope is using the Quilters Select® Precision Machine Quilting Ruler with her long arm machine to make some abstract mountain shapes.

Make sure to check out my blog to see some videos of making this pillow!

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