How To Make a Cotton Mask

Making a cotton face mask is actually easier than you think! I got this pattern from Erin Robertson - this is not my pattern! There are a lot of patterns out there, and I like this pattern the best. The mask we are making has pleats in the front and a filter pocket in the back. The filter pocket gives you an extra option to put an unlined vacuum bag or coffee filter in the pocket. The mask can also be worn without anything in the filter pocket.

For one adult mask, you will need one piece of 9" x 7" pretty fabric for the front of the mask, and two pieces that are 7" x 5".  You will also need to 11" pieces of knitted elastic. I am using 1/4" elastic here, but you can also use 1/8". We will also be using Embellish® Matte Thread and the Embellish® Appliqué Scissors

Take your two back pieces and fold the fabric over from the long end about half an inch and press firmly. Once pressed, sew down the folded over edge. Once your pockets are prepped, lay the pockets on top of the front piece, right sides together on the long end of the fabric. Make sure the seams are in the middle of the fabric. They should overlap. Sew down the long edge of each side to sew the back pieces in place. It should look like this:

Take the two pockets and open them up. Press along the seam line, then turn the whole mask upside down, fold the pockets in, and press again.

You will then sew three pleats from the top of the mask down, making sure you gather all the fabric when you are pleating. For more instructions, watch my video below. After the pleats are done, turn the mask over, roll in the raw edges twice, and sew down. Make sure to leave enough room so the elastic can fit through. Once both sides are finished, all we have to do is string the elastic through. Once you string it through, I like to just tie it off and wiggle the knot back into the mask so that you can't see it. I have been making a lot of these masks, and I find that this is the quickest and easiest way for me to do this step.

For more detailed instructions, make sure to watch my video below! Click here to find an independent Embellish® Dealer near you. 


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