How to Make a Quick and Easy Party Banner

This week one of our friends had a birthday, and I decided to make a simple birthday banner for him. It took me less than 15 minutes start to finish to make this, and you can too! You can easily customize this banner and make it with colored paper, or even pieces of fabric. You can also add some decorative elements to jazz it up a little. For the sake of time, I decided to keep mine simple

For the supplies, you will need the following:

      Kitchen Twine

To start, cut out your Heat Transfer Foil on the ScanNCut. Do not forget to mirror image your text! When I was making this banner, we had some friends over and I was distracted and I literally cut this out three times. It happens to the best of us :) But DO NOT make the annoying mistake I made. 

Once your foil has been cut, weed away the excess foil using the Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool I can't say enough good things about this tool! I love using it because it makes my life so much easier. The curved ergonomic shape makes it easy to hold onto while you are weeding, not to mention the case is super cute. Once you are done weeding, cut each letter out with scissors.

Go ahead and cut out your card-stock or fabric for the banner. Make sure you are adjusting the settings on your blade for the heavier material. To fuse the foil onto the card-stock, set your iron on a low temp and press down for 10 seconds on top of the clear carrier sheet. Do not move your iron around, this will wrinkle the foil. Let it cool down before you peel the clear carrier sheet away, revealing the foil. 

String through some kitchen twine or ribbon and use Embroidery Perfection Tape to secure the twine on the back of the card-stock so it won't move around. I hung up the banner with some cute wash tape on each end of the string.

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