Make Your Own Cat Toys with Embellish® Dimensional Embroidery Foam

We adopted a sweet little kitty about a month ago and named her Emerald! This week I figured I would make a toy for her to play with. She's about twelve weeks old and is very rambunctious, so I wanted to make something that would capture her attention and allow her to play to her heart's content.

Welcome to the family, Emerald!
For this project, you will need the following supplies:

Embellish® Dimensional Embroidery Foam
Embellish® Iridescent Embroidery Mylar
Twine or a shoelace
A chopstick
and a hole punch

This project is fairly simple! To start, I am going to cut out random shapes of the mylar and dimensional embroidery foam. It would be cute to cut out shapes like a fish or mouse with the ScanNCut ! Once you have your shapes cut out, go ahead and hole punch the center of the shapes. Take one piece of the foam and string it through your twine and make sure you double knot the string at the base. Continue stringing through the shapes and secure with a knot when you're finished.

Attach the other end of the string to the chopstick, and you're all done! The great thing about this project is that it is so easy to make, so if your kitty breaks it, you can just make another one again.

Make sure to check out my video below.

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