Deck the Halls Ornament

This week I'm bringing you another ornament design! This cute design is taken from Hope Yoder's
Towel of the Month Embroidery and SVG Collection.

The first thing you're going to do is open the design in Embellish Maker Software and make sure 'Convert to Outlines' is checked before you click 'Open'. You want to convert it to outlines because it breaks the design apart and allows you to resize while recalculating the stitches. If you resize it without the covert to outlines feature, it will make the design bulky and will keep the same amount of stitches. When you covert to outlines and resize, it takes stitches away.

We used Embellish Maker's small fonts for the 'Deck the Halls'. Look for fonts that have '4mm' next to them to find small fonts. For the small letters, we used Embellish® Flawless Thread which is a 60 weight thread. This is a finer thread and is perfect for small lettering because it won't close up the spaces in between the letters. We used Embellish® Flawless Thread for the text and Embellish® Metallic Thread for everything else. I love how sparkly the metallic thread is - it's the perfect choice for the detailing of the lights in this design. When embroidering, I used Embellish® Rinse Away Clear Topper. Using a topper ensures that the stitches won't sink into the fabric by creating a barrier in between the fabric and stitches. Once you're all finished, you can wash the fabric or dab at it with a wet cloth to remove the topper.

Once the designed has been resized and stitched out, I used a 3" wooden hoop and constructed the ornament. You can see in my previous posts the method I used to create the wooden hoop ornament. I love how festive this ornament is! You could use this as a wall hanging or make a bigger version to use as a wreath on your front door. You could even take it a step further and glue some greenery on the edges of the wooden hoop! This design can also be stitched out on a towel as a gift for a loved one this holiday season.

Check out my video below to see an in depth software portion on how we resized the design within Embellish Maker Software. Click here to download a free trial version of Embellish Maker Software! 


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