Deer Ornament

I have been loving making decor for my Christmas tree so much that I decided to make another ornament this week! Welcome back to week three of my '5 Weeks of Christmas' series.

For this deer ornament, we are going to need Embellish® Dimensional Embroidery Foam, Embellish® Heat Transfer Foil, RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape, RNK Stitch Perfection Tape, and a fabric of your choice. I decided to use this black and red buffalo plaid for this ornament. You are also going to need a wooden embroidery hoop and some ribbon or twine. I'm using a 3" hoop size, but you can use any size hoop that you like. We will also be using the Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool .

To start out, I am using 2mm Embellish® Dimensional Embroidery Foam and cutting out 3.5" circles to use for the back of my ornament. This is going to hide the excess fabric and make the back pretty to look at. I like to use Stitch Perfection Tape to tape down the sides of the foam on the cutting mat so the foam doesn't shift when its being cut. 

Once you have your circles cut out, you can set aside for later. Let's head on over to the ScanNCut and cut out these adorable deer heads! I am using Embellish® Heat Transfer Foil in Silver for the deer head. I'm really into subtle Christmas decor, and I loooove this cute little b deer head! You can really use this all year round. 

After we cut out the foil we are going to weed away all the excess foil using the Vinyl Weeding Tool. If you want to see the whole process of making this ornament, be sure to watch my video below! I'll show you the whole process of weeding away the foil.

Once you are done weeding, you will be left with a clear carrier sheet and the silver heat transfer foil of a deer head that we cut out. This is going to be pressed on the buffalo plaid with an iron. Make sure you wait a minute or two until the carrier sheet with the foil has cooled down before you peel away the clear carrier sheet. I went ahead and pressed the foil on to my fabric using a heat press, but you can also use an iron.

Once the deer is pressed onto the plaid, it's time to hoop ! I placed a layer of Stitch Perfection Tape on the outer rim of my hoop so the fabric stays in place and doesn't shift when you hoop it. To apply the tape, cut a 9.5" strip and place on the outer rim of the wooden hoop, pressing firmly with your thumbs as you go. Once the tape has been applied, peel off the top layer and secure the excess fabric to the sticky side of the tape. I like to use the Vinyl Weeding Tool to help lift up the edge of the paper. 

Secure the hoop and use the metal screw to tighten and loosen the hoop as you go. Once you're finished hooping, you can add some ribbon or twine on the top and hang up on your Christmas tree. Remember those foam circles we cut out first? Now we're going to hot glue the foam circle to the back of the wooden hoop ornament to hide all the excess fabric.


Now you have a cute and festive ornament perfect to give to someone as a gift or hang on your Christmas tree! I love how easy it is to personalize this DIY. You can choose different fabrics, different sizes of hoops, you could even spray paint the hoop whatever color you wanted. Check out my video below if you want to follow along step by step.


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