DIY Truck Ornament

Thanksgiving is fast approaching -  and you know what that means ! The holidays are right around the corner. I am not one to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't wait to decorate with some cute DIY ornaments. This week I'm going to bring to you the first week in my five weeks of Christmas mini series! I'm going to show you how to make some up-cycled Christmas decor, ornaments, and gift tags!

This week I am making a vintage inspired ornament with a truck on it using a recycled tote bag. This truck can be found on Hope Yoder's Morning Perks Appliqué CD. To start, cut a about 12" x 12" square out of a canvas tote bag and fused the back with Embellish® Fusible Dissolvable Tearaway and hooped it. The Fusible Dissolvable Tearaway is perfect for this intricate embroidery design because it is water soluble and tear away which will stabilize my design without the extra bulk.

Embellish® Metallic Thread

Start embroidering and hold down Embellish® Rinse-Away Clear Topper lightly until the outline of the truck secures the topper in place. I am using Embellish® Metallic Thread for this design because I love how shiny and sparkly it is. The metallic thread really adds to that holiday feel.  Follow the prompts on your machine to finish embroidering and add the appliqué fabric. You really need to use topper to get that professional look with elevated stitches. I like using the Rinse-Away Clear Topper because it's so easy to rinse off when you're done embroidering. You can even wet a cloth and dab at the embroidery if you don't want to completely submerge your design.

Finished truck from Morning Perks CD

After your embroidery is finished, cute around it leaving about 4". We are going to grab our 3" wooden hoops and loosen the screw, center the truck, and tighten the screw. Once you have the truck centered and hooped, cut a 9.5" strip of RNK Stitch Perfection Tape and apply around the inside of the wooden hoop on the back. Press down with your thumbs to secure, and lift the paper up. The Stitch Perfection Tape is a double-sided tape that is going to help hide some of the excess fabric from the truck design. If you find it's hard to get your fingers in such a small space, use the Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool to help grasp the paper.

Gather the excess fabric around the hoop and fold down, pressing with your thumbs while adhering to the Stitch Perfection Tape. I pre-cut 3.5" circles of Embellish® Dimensional Embroidery Foam in 2mm to use for the back of the ornaments. Once your fabric is secured on the back of the hoop, take a hot glue gun and apply glue to the outer circle. Flip the circle over and press on to the back of the hoop, hiding the fabric. Be sure to work quickly as hot glue dries fast. PRO TIP: Instead of pressing on the back of the circle to adhere to back of hoop, simply flip the hoop over while glue is still drying and press down on the hoop from the front side so you don't burn your hands. I cut some cute polka dot ribbon and fed it through the top and tied a knot to secure so I have somewhere to hang my ornament.


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