DIY Cat Food Tray

Who doesn't love fury friends, and who does't love spoiling those adorable fury friends? My sister has the cutest cat, Snickers (who I'm sure you all recognize around here) who is pretty much the mascot for this blog. This week I'm bringing you another cat-inspired design that you can make for your other pets, too!

My sister Hannah made this adorable food tray for Snickers that says "Filet o' Fish" on it. How cute is that? Snickers is only seven months old, and she gets a little messy around meal time because she gets so excited. Whenever Hannah opens the bag of food to feed her, Snickers comes running like she hasn't eaten weeks. Snickers loves dinner time, and now her food won't get on the floor with this adorable little mat.

Hannah used the Auto-Digitizing Wizard in Embellish® Maker Software to turn a copyright-free JPEG she got off the Internet into stitches. It is so simple - all it takes is a click! Hannah also used the built in text feature to add "Filet o' Fish" on it. The quilting lines are made using the 3D Fabric Decorator and Embellish® Metallic Thread. Hannah also used Embellish® Dimensional Embroidery Foam to create the raised effect on the text.

The cat was topstitched on with some leftover scraps which give it a patchwork feel. This project is so simple and easy to make! Snickers enjoyed having a cute new mat to use during dinnertime. Make sure you check out my video here:


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