Lace Hexis

This week I want to introduce you to one of my favorite new Project CDs from Hope Yoder!

The Lace Hexi Banner comes with the project directions, 17 free freestanding lace hexi designs, and the original SVG artwork! It's really a steal and such a cute project to make! With this CD, you can make this cute banner...

...with these freestanding lace hexi designs!

You could stack two lace hexis on top of each other and make a keychain, earrings, or use them as a cute decorative element to your purse or backpack. And with the SVG files, your options are unlimited. I love how gorgeous and elegant these Lace Hexis are. They are intricately designed to mimic lace and I think they're so pretty and unique! 

The thread is really what makes this project, in my opinion. Embellish® Metallic Thread contains a strong, polyester core and it doesn't require a special needle on your machine. Embellish® Metallic Threads can be used at high speeds on almost any type of machine. The thread comes in ten beautiful colors and adds fine detailing to your projects. I love using Embellish® Metallic Thread for intricate designs like the Lace Hexis because it makes all the detailed "lace" stand out and look even more elegant and rich. 


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