How to Organize Your Threads

Are you tired of never being able to find your threads? Look no further! I have discovered the best ever product for thread organization. You can thank me later; this will make your life sew much easier!!!!

The Thread Carrier Box from RNK is the solution easy and functional thread storage!!! These boxes look amazing decorated with either Embellish® Matte or Flawless Thread. I love the Matte Thread because it looks like vintage thread and looks like cotton when its stitched or embroidered. The Flawless Thread has a beautiful sheen to it and is perfect for small lettering and detailed embroidery. 

Embellish® Flawless Thread

Embellish® Matte Thread

These Thread Carrier Boxes are unlike anything else on the market. They open with a lever that you pinch and snap close. This ensures that if you're traveling your threads aren't going to go anywhere - no need to worry about them falling out of the drawers! The Thread Box has a nice, big handle on top which makes it easy when you're transporting your threads. The Boxes are also stackable!! This enables you to customize your Thread storage! You can stack layers of boxes with different columns to customize your organization to fit your space.

You can find downloadable labels for Embellish® Threads here to customize your organization even further! Simply download your labels, print out on label sheets, and stick the labels on the bottom of each shelf right below the bottom of your spool of thread. This helps you stay super organized. The snaps stay closed - you could shake the box upside down and your threads and everything else would still be intact! This is the perfect solution to take to a class.

The boxes have a removable insert for your threads which means you can store other things in here too. Simply take out the insert and store your scissors, pin cushions, fabric, or whatever your heart desires. Want to see the thread boxes in action? Watch my YouTube video below!

Special thanks to Embellish® Educator Kim Towne for filming this video and coming up with different ways to use the Thread Boxes!


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