DIY Bridal Shower Signs

Fun fact about me - I am obsessed with tea! I'm talking the good loose leaf stuff, absolutely no tea bags in my household! My bridal shower was a tea party theme complete with two types of hot tea and one type of iced tea. Being the control freak I am, I had to put myself in charge of making all of the tea for the shower. I mean come on, my mom and sister wouldn't let me do anything else! I crafted these adorable signs to differentiate between the three teas at my shower. 

For this DIY, you are going to need card-stock, Embellish® Heat Transfer Foil, the Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool, velcro stick-ons, clothespins, and some sort of stand. I went with the Heat Transfer Foil in Blush because I love how girly and elegant and shimmery it is!

I started out in CraftNCut and used one of the flower designs in the Hope Yoder library. I modified it by taking out the inside dots and stretching it out a little so I would have more room for text in the middle. After I designed the flower, I cut it out on heavy brown cardstock on the ScanNCut. If your card-stock tries to slip around while it's being cut don't worry! Just put some RNK Embroidery Perfection Tape around the edges of the card-stock to secure in place.

When you are your foil out, you want to keep in mind that the whole sheet of foil needs to be larger than your card-stock  flower so that we won't get any ridges in the card-stock when we press it later. I cut my foil to be about 3" by 5". I chose a font in CraftNCut and typed out the three teas and saved them to a USB stick to cut out on the ScanNCut.

Once your foil is cut and weeded, it's time to assemble! Layer the clear carrier sheet with the foil over the center of your flower and press with an iron for a few seconds. Since we are using card-stock, you can iron directly on the clear carrier sheet. Wait until the foil is cold to touch before peeling away the carrier sheet. Once the carrier sheet is off, we are going to stick one velcro dot to the back of the flower, and the other velcro dot to the back of a clothespin. Clip your clothespin on your stand, and attach your floral sign. I loved making these signs for my bridal shower! It created a personal touch, and these signs are reusable! You can always switch out the signs and make new ones as long as you add a velcro dot to the back of it.


Cookie Gaynor said…
This post is full of great information. And thank you as I have a baby shower to pull together and I am going to use your ideas in that direction

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