DIY Facial Toner and Labels with CraftNCut

I love clean beauty and cute labels, and this week I'm going to show you how I make my own Facial Toner. This facial toner consists of filtered water, witch hazel, and essential oils - very easy and affordable to make! You can up-cycle an old perfume or spray bottle to put your facial toner in.

Before I made my facial toner, I designed some cute labels using CraftNCut Software! It was really easy making these labels and fun too. I made some eyelashes and chose one of my favorite fonts, Keep on Truckin' for the facial toner label. Next I cut out the labels using the ScanNCut and weeded the excess vinyl away from the sticker. Weeding is so much easier because of the Embellish® Vinyl Weeding Tool. I love this tool because it comes in a gorgeous teal case that keeps it safe and sound. This particular weeding tool is heavier than all of the weeding tools out there which allows for better control and accuracy when you are weeding. Its tapered design lets your hand wrap around it firmly, and the slightly curved end is really good for getting into those small areas in letters that can be tricky to weed.

I found a perfume spray and room spray that I had made previously and decided to make some labels for those bottles as well. I found myself using these more after I put the labels on because I actually remembered what was in them! I have to say, the labels turned out so adorable! I love that CraftNCut lets me customize any designs that I choose to make. You could also make labels for jars in your kitchen, on notebooks, for storage - the possibilities are endless! Once the labels have been weeded out, you're going to need some kind of sticky transfer tape (you can use sloth tape) and something to scrape it down with (like a credit card or license). Don't worry if all these instructions seem daunting! I put together a video for you showing you everything you need to know! I would love to hear from you in the comments if you have tried this toner or made your own labels using CraftNCut Software!


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