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Hello beautiful people! If you’re reading this, get excited with me because this is my first blog post! Wahooo!!!!! Get out the sparklers and pour some mimosas, because I’m here world!

My name is Olivia (people who know me well call me Liv) and I am a creative, little flower. In this blog, you’ll get a dose of me once a week with a video, graphic and blog post on something that will encourage you to Liv a Little and have some fun using Embellish® products! As some of you may know, my mom is Hope Yoder, the face of Embellish® by RNK. I am so excite to be working with her and Embellish®! Using Embellish® products have helped me take my projects and DIYs better than I could have ever imagined.

First thing you need to know about me is I have crazy, colorful hair and I just don’t care. At all!  My hair is currently blue right now (like a smurf) but come back in a few weeks to see what I’m doing next. I am engaged to Broc, the love of my life, and am getting married this fall (stay tuned for some wedding posts!). My fiancè is a chef, which means I’ll slip in some amazing recipes here and there...he might even make some appearances in my videos!

I am also a graphic designer and am just about to finish my Bachelor’s Degree, yay! I am also a photographer, food lover, musician, nerd and essential oil lover. I love reading books, playing piano - oh! - and I’m OBSESSED with tea. I recently moved into my first apartment and made this awesome pallet bed and am DIYing my way around my little home.

That’s all folks! Welcome to Liv a Little! In this blog, I am going to share everything from how to make your own perfumes  and cleaners to sewing pillows, cooking, life hacks and more! Liv a Little is my blog on enhancing my everyday life with projects, hacks, tips and recipes encouraging myself and all of you to Liv a Little bit better each day. 

Check out my first video here!


donna said…
Love you and your girls, Hope!
LindaC said…
Awesome! Add me to the fan club. I will be following you.

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